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Indoor air pollution Kitchen Biomass fuel Ventilation Developing countries
IV型コラーゲン 窯業じん肺 III型プロコラーゲンペプチド アンギオテンシン変換酵素 ヒアルロン酸 Type IV collagen Ceramic workers' pneumoconiosis Type III procollagen peptide Angiotensin converting enzyme Hyaluronic acid
Job stress Cardiovascular disea Long hour work Workers' cmpensation Karoshi               
Lead reclamation; Lead workers; Lead exposure; Industrial health
Lead; Workers; Urinary albumin; Kidney; Nephrotoxicity;
Lead Occupational exposur Bone minerals Bone                
Lead Occupational exposur Osteocalcin                 
Leukoderma Hydroquinone Monobenzyl ether Occupational exposue                
Man-machine-interfac Advanced age people Interactive computer Office automation                
Manufacturing practice Innovation Quality improvement Cost reduction Responsiveness to customers
metalic aluminium dust, carbon dust, pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis
Mineral Dust                   
Monitoring method Airborne concentration Hazardous chemicals Working environment Regulation
Mountain and semi-mountainous areas Securing agricultural workforce U-turn farmers & new entrants Saving workforce Effective utilization of aged and female workforce Administering farm lands by public corporations
Night and shift systems in Korea Shift rotation schedules Women shift workers Working hours Improvement of shift work system
Nocturnal nap Fatigue feelings Slow wave sleep
NTT 女性電話交換手 六番交替制 既婚率 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Female telephone operators Shift cycle of six days Rate of married operators
Organic Solvents                   
paint manufacturing plant respirator carridge breakthrou time organic solvent remaining filtration efficiency             
pneumoconiosis, surface active agent, prevention
Pneumoconiosis Silicosis Lung cancer Autoimmune disease Stomach cancer               
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